Red Epic X #00517 (PL Mount)

         Red Epic-X Accessories:
         Titanium PL Mount
         Side SSD Module
         Red 5" Touch LCD
         5" LCD Hoodman
         6' LCD Cable
         14" UltraLight Premium LCD Arm
         Camera Power Adapter
         2x 3.5" To XLR Adapters

         4x 128GB SSD Cards
         Red SSD Station (USB 3.0 Upgraded)

         WC Fixed Plate
         Switronix V Mount Battery Plate
         6x V Mount Batteries (12 Hr Capacity)
         4x V Mount Battery Chargers

         Camera Support/Rail System:
         Allstar Bridge Plate For 19mm Rods
         Arri 10" Dovetail
         2x 18" 19mm Carbon Fiber Rods
         WC Top Handle (Cheese)
         PL Mount Cinema Lenses:
         Carl Zeiss Mark II Super Speeds
         18mm T1.3  (CF 10")
         25mm T1.3  (CF 10")
         35mm T1.3  (CF 14")
         50mm T1.3  (CF 28")
         85mm T1.3  (CF 3')
         120mm T3.0  (CF 4'6")

         Miller DS30 Fluid Head
         Vinten Legs (100mm bowl)
         Vinten Leg Spreaders

         Handheld/Shoulder Rig (Allstar System):
         Horizontal Bar, Handles, & Handle Extensions
         Dovetail Shoulder Pad
         Arri 10" Dovetail
         2x 12" 19mm Carbon Fiber Rods

         Dolly System:
         Dana Dolly
         6' Dolly Rails/Track
         2x Combo Stands For Track Ends
         6x Caster Wheels For Combo Stands
         Center Support For Long Rails

         Matte Box/Filtration (4"x5.65" Filters):
         Bright Tangerine (Arri) VIV 3 Stage Matte Box
         3x 4"x5.65" Filter Trays
         Top Flag (Eyebrow)
         19mm & 15mm Studio Rails Adapter
         150mm - 80mm Clamp Adapter Ring
         Lindcraft Lens Donut
         Tiffen ND0.3 / ND0.6 / ND0.9 / ND1.2
         Rosco Trucolor IR Filter
         Tiffen Linear Polarizer
         Tiffen Glimmer Glass 1
         Tiffen Low Contrast 1
         Schneider Classic Soft 1/4

         Follow Focus System:
         Arri FF3 Follow Focus
         Second Focus Wheel (Dual System)
         12" Follow Focus Whip
         Arri Speed Crank
         7x Marking Disks
         0.8/32 Pitch Gear

         Secondary Monitoring:
         SmallHD AC7 HDSDI 7.7" Monitor
         Canon LP-E6 Battery Adapter
         7x Canon Batteries
         2x Canon Battery Chargers
         Monitor Power Adapter
         11" UltraLight Premium LCD Arm
         7.7" LCD Hoodman
         3' & 25' SDI BNC Cables

         Lightweight Filter System (Series 9 Filters):
         Tiffen 80mm Clamp To Series 9
         Tiffen ND0.3 / ND0.6 / ND0.9
         Tiffen Circular Polarizer
         Tiffen Low Contrast 1
         Tiffen +3 Diopter
         Tiffen 80A / 80B / 80C

         Lighting & Grip (Additional $120 / Day):
         2x Arri 650w Fresnels
         1x Arri 300w Fresnel
         Gels (Diffusion, CTB, & ND)
         3x Light Stands
         Stingers, Dimmers, Grip Clips, & C47s

                                                                                                                         Package Rental Rates:   Full Epic Package - $1050 / day
                                                                                                                                                                Assistant Camera (11 hours) - $250 / day - (with Epic Rental)
                                                                                                                                                                DP / Cinematographer (11 hours) - $550 / day - (with Epic Rental)

                                                                                                                                 Contact To Book:   206-799-0389

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